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In "Sibexpocentre" Irkutsk citizens were told about health

"Siberian healthcare. Dentistry" exhibition finished its work. Four days into the "Sibexpocentre" was talking about health. Doctors came here to participate in the 5th City Medical Forum, communicate with colleagues, acquainted with the latest technologies, tools and supplies; visitors came here to check blood pressure and blood sugar, undergo chest X-rays, change medical policy, get medical advice or make an appointment.

Municipal health agencies told Irkutsk citizens about their services: what surveys they conducted, and what methods of treatment used.

"Our work at the exhibition even can be called educational", a representative of the Regional Oncology Center shared, "Some people are afraid of a disease, while others believe that the disease is not treated at all, and when we tell them the truth, they are surprised and calm down, take a brochure for themselves, neighbors, and relatives."

The action for smoking cessation gathered a considerable number of participants. The stand of regional neuropsychiatric clinic also noted commitment to a healthy lifestyle: they were more likely to request help to quit smoking. According to statistics, only 5% of dependents can do it by yourself, without the help of doctors

In total, the exhibition was attended by over 100 companies and health care institutions from Russia and foreign countries. New items of medical equipment greatly facilitating the work of doctors attracted the attention of Irkutsk dentists. For example, such a device as radiovisiograph can send X-ray images into nothingness: it is capable of "seeing" patient's tooth and putting the right information on the computer screen — quickly and accurately.

October 4, the last day of the exhibition, summed up the work of the 5th "Citizens" health is City concern" City Medical Forum, "2013 Best Municipal Health Establishment of Irkutsk" city professional contest.

At the closing ceremony Nikolai Kornilov, Minister of Health of Irkutsk region, said that in 2013 "Siberian Health Care" was successful, the business program was rich and interesting. According to tradition, the winners of the best exhibitor contest were awarded gold and silver stars of "Sibexpocentre".

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